In a dystopian future, most of the population is infected with a plague. The exceptions are those who live outside the Safe Land’s city walls. When a mutation in the plague sends city enforcers looking for the uninfected, Levi’s village is raided. While the attack leaves many dead, Levi’s fiancée is being held captive. Levi launches a war against the city in an attempt to free her before it’s too late.

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Released April 2, 2013
416 pages
ISBN-10: 0310724228
ISBN-13: 9780310724223

Released April 2, 2013
416 pages
ISBN-10: 0310724236
ISBN-13: 9780310724230


“…the Multilayered, futuristic narrative should intrigue fans of science fiction.”



“…the action accelerates, the characters develop, and the book is hard to put down.”



“This book is no ordinary dystopian society book; it is full of intrigue and suspense.”



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