ISIS. Tsunamis. Climate Change.

ISIS. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Economic collapse. Political unrest. Terrorists. Antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Nuclear threat. Climate change. In a world that seems increasingly dangerous and frightening, one can more than catch a glimpse of a very dark, potentially horrible future. I think the rise of dystopian literature is not only based on the success of The Hunger Games—the Read More >

Both of Me by Jonathan Friesen

Dear Blink Readers, I met her at a mental health conference. She grabbed me following my talk, and in words both passionate and disjointed shared a story of life with DID—Dissociative Identity Disorder. Two hours later, I saw her again. She was the same her on the outside. Yet, within her mind, a different personality Read More >

Three Novels that Inspired Jill Williamson’s Safe Lands Trilogy

When I set out to write the Safe Lands trilogy, there were three novels that greatly influenced my writing. These were all books I’d read long ago, and I actually pulled them out again and re-read them to refresh myself with why they had left such an impression on me. The first was The Giver Read More >

Destined for Doon – Exclusive Sneak Peek

Hello Blink Readers! If you’ve crossed the bridge into DOON with us, you know the sequel, DESTINED FOR DOON releases September 2! The second book in the series focuses on Kenna and Duncan’s continuing story… *Spoiler Alert* If you haven’t read DOON pick up the first book. (The eBook is only 99¢ right now!) Links Read More >

Lorie Ann Grover Street Team

Hey, Blink Readers! I’m making an Open Call for the Lorie Ann Grover Street Team! But first let me fill you in on my upcoming release… Back in 2004, my daughter’s best friend, Sarah, was walking to her bus stop. In the crosswalk, under a streetlight, she was struck by a vehicle and thrown through Read More >